Is it harmful to eat fried and spicy foods?

Is fried harmful? And sharp? Is it true that there is a dependence on sugar? People often look for information about spicy and fried foods, how to fry and cook properly, and how to count calories. We answer questions about proper nutrition. What is proper nutrition? How to distinguish healthy food from harmful? Such questions sooner or later arise in each of us. Proper nutrition is a balanced diet. The usefulness and harmfulness of food is determined by research.

Healthy eating is a balanced, varied and adequate to the physiological needs of man diet. You can often hear that proper nutrition is a necessary rejection of certain foods: bread, cheese and sometimes some fruits and nuts. As a guide, you can use dietary recommendations, which are compiled and updated by official expert organizations and are intended for most people. These guidelines answer the question: what to eat to be healthy.

About a hundred national nutrition guidelines can be found on the Internet. These recommendations differ from country to country, but the main principles of nutrition are mostly similar. The recommendations are based on scientific research - mostly on the method of observation. For example, the Nurses' Health Study: 121,700 nurses completed questionnaires over 28 years answering questions about what they ate, which allowed scientists to record their habits and lifestyles.

Importance of vegetables and fruit for daily healthy eating

Vegetables and fruit contain the fiber we need, minerals, carbohydrates and phytonutrients. There are enough vitamins. Eat vegetables as you wish, the main thing - eat. None of the methods of cooking vegetables will be able to save 100% of nutrients. Therefore, eat vegetables in the form you like: raw, boiled, baked, cooked in a microwave, steamed or grilled. If you regularly eat a variety of vegetables and fruits, it makes no sense to worry about how to cook.

It is believed that the consumption of raw foods is better in terms of nutrient storage than heat treatment. However, this approach - eating raw - is not recommended by any official dietary organization. This food system includes an extremely narrow range of foods - this almost always leads to a deficiency of nutrients in the body.